So far my research in paid to click on adverts websites grew
more positive views on how this system  really works and could be used to be effective than before I started to use this system.

You have to bear in mind that you have to be patient with any system that you will discover online in order to make money. No one became rich overnight. This is what you must have in mind to avoid frustration and disappointment, the 2 main factors that make the 95% of the internet users to abandon their online quest for income because they think that this PTC (paid to click) system is a waste of valuable time.

Neobux PTC
until now is always on time for payments and instantly to my PayPal account once I reach the minimun amount in order to request the payout.

I actually don't like to confuse people, so I will explain in the next lines the steps to make Neobux PTC a useful tool to have for your legitimate and residual income.

First of all you have to tell yourself how many hours could  you spare in a day to start setting the foundations using this website. Say that you won't be frustrated and dissapointed as I indicated above and be able also to promote this website and get more and more users as your downline, which I will explain too, to increase your income faster.

 I had made the same mistake a couple of months ago with this system, saying,well I can't make it making the clicks every day and be able to get many people to sign under me and have my earnings increasing faster. Well, I thought of it again, sat down and I actually need only 5 minutes of the hour to make my clicks and another 30 minutes to promote my link to get referrals. You can see which websites I use to promote Neobux PTC at my blog or at the right hand site at the pages menu. It doesn't matter if you get only 3 or 5 bucks a month. After you master this system you will be able to earn a monthly residual income of up to 1000's of dollars either with direct referrals to your downline using your promotion banners or using the rent referral option that is offered by Neobux PTC. So be patient and achieve your goals.

This will be only in the beginning. After you learn more about this system, you will be able to make even more money out of this website. In the next lines I will tell you some of my techniques that I use so far having rented referrals.

First of all you have to understand that payouts start from $2 in the first payout request, 3$ in the second and stabilize at the $10 limit for payout. There are two ways to start. The first one is to add funds to your rental balance and rent as many referrals as you like, but be patient at the beginning and you can always make your clicks every day for 5 minutes of your time. There are 4 adverts every day for a standard member and give $0,01 per advert viewed. Of course, If you like you can upgrade to get higher earnings and adverts, but you can't until you have made 50 clicks and your account is unleast 30 days old. This would tell if you are willing enough to participate and stay on Neobux PTC and be able to make serious money after a long time.

After you have clicked on 50 adverts the least, you can start renting referrals or you can have your own permanent referrals using the promotion banners in the banners section of Neobux's site. I suggest to click the first 50 times in order for your account to be fully activated and then decide if you would like to use the earnings without adding from your PayPal account, money. This is to see how the system works and gain confidence into using your own money later on. Each referral costs $0,25 and you can keep them for 30 days. Direct referrals that sign up under your referral link are permanent and this means that you can have huge income just from your down-line. You can register any time after you read this article by clicking to the provided banners and sign under me to become my referral.

Start first by renting 3 referrals, which cost $0,75. See how they respond each day and if you feel that they don't make the necessary clicks every day you can have the chance to recycle them withing the rental period with another referral that will substitute the previous one. If you would like you can always rent more and more referrals and at the same time promote your link to get permanent referrals for more monthly income.

To learn more about the referring process and how to grow your down-lines and inrease your income click here.


See below the screen-shots I display to prove that I got paid on time so far.